Margaret from Anxiety Free World (check out her website) writes about anxiety, self-care, living with anxiety, success stories and many other topics surrounding anxiety. She is open, honest and real. Margaret is an English major who lives with anxiety. She has learned to manage her anxiety and wants to share tips and tricks with her readers and for them to not feel so alone. Find out more about anxiety here. She wants to remind everyone that anxiety is not your fault.

Margret shares an inspiring pep talk on why anxiety is NOT your fault


Margaret’s wise words on why anxiety is not your fault

When you have an anxiety disorder or any other mental illness for that matter, it can be hard to remember that your disorder is not your fault. Society especially likes to blame the victims, which makes it even harder to remember. Many of us receive implicit or explicit messages that mental illnesses are “no big deal”; society also likes to have us believe that mental illnesses are somehow character flaws. These societal beliefs breed ignorance, which leads others who haven’t experienced anxiety disorders to say things like “stop worrying” or “stop being so sensitive”. The worst one by far is “other people have it worse.”

Unfortunately, we don’t always know what causes anxiety disorders, or mental illnesses in general. Sometimes, anxiety disorders and depression are tied to specific situations that are outside of your control.

Don’t beat yourself up

No matter how your disorders began, anxiety is not your fault. Don’t beat yourself over what “could have” or “should have” been done. You’re human. Unless you can see into the future, there’s no way you could’ve known how things would turn out. Sometimes, we don’t know what causes anxiety disorders. As much as you might like to dwell on what caused your disorder, it’s more productive to acknowledge that you have this disorder and seek the proper treatment for it.

Regardless of how your disorder started, you didn’t choose for this to happen any more than someone chooses to have a disorder. This isn’t something you brought upon yourself. It may feel like things aren’t ever going to get better. Believe me, I’ve been there. I remember feeling like that myself. With the right treatment and support, I’ve gotten back on my feet, and I’ve been happy and successful. The road to recovery is long and hard sometimes. It takes strength, patience, and support, but it’s more than possible to live a full, happy life.

Final Words

Remember, your anxiety is not your fault. No one chooses to live with anxiety, depression or any other mental illness. We are all doing the best we can to navigate this thing called life. For tips on managing anxiety check out this post on some easy ways to help control your anxiety.

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Margret shares an inspiring pep talk on why anxiety is NOT your fault
Margret shares an inspiring pep talk on why anxiety is NOT your fault

Margret shares an inspiring pep talk on why anxiety is NOT your fault

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