the puzzle piece series

The puzzle piece series is a series I have wanted to write for a while. I realised that I had not been taking care of my well-being and neglected parts of myself that then spiralled into other facets of my well-being. So I began talking to friends and family about how they take care of their own well-being.

I questioned them about their social, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being. (and felt like an investigator along the way). How did they take care of each part of themselves? What happened when they neglected a certain part of their well-being? What impact did it have on the rest of their well-being?

Thus began the puzzle piece series. We, as humans, are like a big ole puzzle. In order to be whole, all our pieces need to fit together. If we are missing a piece that throws out the whole puzzle. We are interesting wee creatures.


What IS the puzzle piece series?

Well, I am glad you asked! I have taken a single facet that makes us human and examined it. Eventually, I will fit them all together. Like a… puzzle.

I have taken social, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual and examined them separately. Each piece will have tips and tricks as to how to take care of that facet, what it looks like, what happens when we don’t look after it and how it links to our overall well-being. The individual pieces will each have actionable tips, real-life examples and some thought-provoking¬†questions for you to ponder.

Hopefully, they will provide you with information, insight and steps that you can take to look after your well-being.


Your thoughts

If you ever want to contact me, to add your own thoughts, stories or tips. Please feel free to reach out. I love hearing other people’s thoughts, opinions and what helps them



the puzzle piece series