Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new beginning

– Carl Bard

Well, we are into a New Year now. Didn’t 2017 just whiz by? Or does that make me sound old? Anywho, it is that time of year when gym memberships are signed up for, Jenny Craig memberships renewed and a general, “oh crap, it’s a new year. I best get my a into g” is murmured around the world. But this year I decided NOT to make any New Years Resolutions. Why?

The short and simple answer is I didn’t want to.

The long answer is….


I didn’t want to feel like a failure when 2018 came around and I realised I didn’t achieve any of my resolutions

Let’s face it, how many of actually keep our resolutions? And if you don’t who wants to end the year feeling like a failure?

I don’t think I’ve kept any, except maybe the smart arse ones I wrote as a joke. For example one year my New Years resolution was to carry on drinking wine on a regular basis. Suffice to say, that was one resolution I managed to keep.


Why wait until a New Year to set goals?

Why can’t we set goals in March or October? Any time of the year is a fantastic time to set goals for ourselves. Granted a New Year is a great time to reflect on the year past but we put an awful lot of pressure on ourselves and often set unrealistic resolutions with great intentions.

Any Monday or Thursday or Saturday mid-afternoon is a great time to reflect on what we want out of life, what direction we choose to navigate ourselves towards, how we want to improve ourselves. Be different. Set a New Month Resolution or a New Day Resolution.

Plus the gym won’t be so crowded come April. Winning.


There is too much pressure

Some people thrive on pressure. Other people crumble. We have Great Expectations of the year ahead and when we miss a day of the dreaded exercise plan we downloaded from Google, eat a block of chocolate in one sitting or don’t quite master Spanish by week three we throw in the towel.

Goals should be about making small changes and turning into habits then building on them so that they are manageable. Often the year is started with a bang then fizzles out in a puff of smoke in the not too distant future. We make all these changes and expect them to be sustainable.

Realistically we are setting ourselves up for failure if we try to implement all our goals at once.


New Years Resolutions are pretty lame

New Years Resolutions are often lame. Think about the most common ones

  • Lose weight
  • Join the gym
  • Eat healthily
  • Quit smoking
  • Save x-amount a week

Ok, they are great goals, I need to set pretty much all of these myself (well, all of them). But trying to implement them all at once seems like a lot of work and decidedly unfun. Life should be fun and made the most of.

If I were to set goals they would be along the lines of

  • Tell one bad joke a day
  • Belly laugh every day
  • Go somewhere new once a month
  • Write down something that made me happy regularly, especially on a bad day

But even then, I won’t be able to achieve each and every one each day/month. Why? Because life happens. It’s messy and complicated, it’s up and down and with my depression, I can’t guarantee I will have the energy to do these things.

Then I will feel like a failure and crap about myself.


Life Happens

Life is a right ole rollercoaster. Sometimes we ride the highs, other times we are tipped upside down, holding on precariously. Who knows what is around the corner? Who is to say where we are going to be in 12 months?

We often get caught in the daily grind, our New Years Resolutions get pushed to the side in the hustle and bustle of life.

Along comes December and we think, “Oh crap, I haven’t gone to the gym in 5 weeks (months).” or “Well those bungee jumping tickets were a waste of money”

So I shouldn’t set goals?

I’m not saying goals are not worth it and we shouldn’t set them. Not even a little bit! We should set goals for ourselves. We should strive to improve ourselves. Buuut I don’t believe we should wait until the start of a New Year to do this.

It is good practice to constantly be self-analysing and be making sure we are living the best life for ourselves. Don’t wait for a New Year. Decide what you want now (or in March) and go for it! Self-reflection is great any time of the year and should be done more than once a year. It is an ongoing and an ever-changing thing. Take a peek at the 17 things I learned in 2017 to get a gist of this self-analysing thang.

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Have you set any New Years Resolutions? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments



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