This section is dedicated to mental health, raising awareness and removing the stigma often associated with mental health illnesses. I was diagnosed with ‘severe chronic depression’ about 5 years ago and lived with depression silently for about 10 years previously. If I had a place to be open and know that I wasn’t alone, my road to recovery may have been a bit less bumpy.

As my blog is still fairly new, it is still growing. Within time, it will provide a wealth of information, stories, tips + tricks and more. In this section you will find information, tips + tricks and stories about:

Removing the stigma

We should encourage mental health to be talked about openly and without discrimination. The stigma, unfortunately, still exists and mental illnesses are often brushed under the carpet. We have come a long way. But not far enough yet.

Mental illness doesn’t have to be an isolating, negative experience. I am a firm believer in living a positive life in spite of my mental illness. I have learned some tips + tricks along the way. Learned through trial and error what works for me personally and I hope that you can learn alongside with me.



Would you like to share your story?

I will be featuring people’s stories regularly so if you would like to contact me, I would be honoured to share your story. It doesn’t even have to be your story if you don’t want, it can be:

  • what is it like living with your illness?
  • are there any quirky little things you wish people knew?
  • what do you wish people knew about your mental health?
  • when did you first acknowledge your mental health?
  • what tips + tricks work for you?
  • if you know someone that lives with mental illness, how do you help them?
  • how has your mental health impacted your day to day life?
  • anything else you wish to write about

The more we talk about mental health, the more awareness we raise together. You can read my story here. By sharing my own story, I hope to encourage others to share theirs. Mental health and illnesses don’t have to be lived with alone.



If you want to spread awareness, make sure to share. I’d really appreciate it