2019 is just around the corner, with the end of the year fast approaching. It is a time many of us look back over the past 12 months and reflect. Did we achieve what we wanted to? What do we want for next year? What went well? Didn’t go so well? Many people choose to set New Year’s Resolutions and start setting goals for 2019.

This is the perfect time of year to start setting goals for a fresh start. Be methodical, plan and do something small each day towards your goal. In no time you will achieve success. Read on to find all you need to know about setting goals

Setting a goal gives you the emotional support to move forward in life in order to achieve success. Many factors play an important role to achieve success. Motivation, optimism, pertinence, determinations, actions, confidence, faith, attitude and predicting capability all play a major role when setting goals and in the process of achieving the goals.

You can dream, but at the end of the day, it is only you who can fulfil your dreams. Dreaming gives you the motivations to achieve success.


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Are Dreams, Wishes and Goals the Same?


Wishes, dreams and goals are not at all the same. They may have near meanings, but there is a difference between the three of them.

A Wish

Often you have heard someone wishing something. Wishes are those often asked by a person. There can be thousands of wishes of a person. It is something that one desires to have but does not have it yet. There can be an endless list of wishes in a person’s life.

A Dream

On the other hand, dream is something that a person visualizes someday. It is more like a goal that you visualize. Dreams give a person the motivation to stand up and move forward in life.

A Goal

A goal is a target that a person sets in life. It is an achievement when met.

Put it all together

However, all these three closely relates to each other. They are convertible. Only if a person wishes something, then he dreams of that thing; and only if he dreams of that thing, he gets the motivation to set it as a goal. There is no existence of one without the other. All three complement each other.

Wishes make life colourful. Dreams make a life motivated. Goals make life purposeful.

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Set a Goal to Get the Desired Results

Many people want to achieve success without putting in any effort. However, they may appear to succeed for a short time, but in the long run, they are bound to fail. One can only achieve success through sheer hard work.


Setting a goal in life is essential for a person who wants to be successful in life. To be successful in life, first, you have set your priorities straight. You need to know exactly what tasks you want to give more importance. After you set your priorities, chalk out a timetable where you can write down the daily work you have done. This will make you more systematic in setting your goals.


Next, focus on the task you are doing. Generally, you end up losing focus on a task if you work on it for long hours. It is not your fault, it is a bad habit us humans have picked up. Therefore, it is advisable to take short breaks in between the tasks to keep your brain focused on the task. Also, do not keep tasks pending, as when they pile up, you tend to divert from the goal.

Take action

Take actions when obligatory. Imbibe decision-making capabilities in yourself. This is a very important factor to get the desired results or achieve success in life. If you fear to take any risks or actions when it calls for, then chances are you may divert from the goal that you set.

To achieve success, you have to undertake certain risks at times. If you undertake the risk and do not succeed, then many people lose all hope and sets into a depression state. However, you must always have faith in yourself to do better next time. In addition, when undertaking a risk, keep a second back up plan to enforce that can help you to come out of the situation if you do not succeed.

Reaching your goal is all about your planning and the actions taken. It is easy to get the desired results if you have a proper plan to execute. Set your eyes and heart for something to get it. The craving from the heart that can give you the thing you want. Therefore, it is important to listen to your inner voice while out to achieve the desired results.

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Tips on goal setting

In order to achieve your goals, visualise your dreams and goals. Dreaming your goals will give you the motivation to fetch the goal. Dreaming is the start of your realisation to your goal.

Think of the steps you can take in order to achieve your goal. Consulting others might help you a little, but ultimately you have to take the decision yourself. This is because you know yourself the best. Others can just guide you on which are the right ways, but you have to know the best way suitable to you to achieve goals.

Making up your mind is the primary step when you want to achieve something. You may work hard throughout the day, but if you do not have the focus, that end goal, all your hard work goes to waste. Even though you can find many resources over the Internet on how to set a goal, but it is personal experience that teaches you better than any books or resources.

It is necessary for you to know the reason behind each goal. This is because if you do not know the reason as to why you have set the goal, then you will not feel the necessity to achieve the goal.


You have to visualise your goal. Visualisations can instil confidence in you and only then you will have the “Go and Get it” attitude. Visualisations bring you closer to your goal. You also need to visualise your steps in order to get the desired results. Analyse the risks involved in the tasks as well as the benefits involved. You must know the ratio between the benefit and risk.

Write it down

Third, jot down your goals on a piece of paper. You must write both your short-term goals as well as long-term goals. For example, if you want to complete a certain task tomorrow, write that down and write the goal you have set after a year.

Keep the goals in mind as well as jot them down in a piece of paper. By only jotting them down in a paper, you will forget the goals or you will lose the motivation to reach your goal. While keeping them in mind will give you the motivation every day.

Be specific

You must be able to read yourself and your mind clearly. This means you must have the ability to point out your goals specifically. Often people set goals that are not specific. For example, if a person says that he wants to be rich, then that is not a goal because it has no specifications. Richness can be in terms of wealth, education, and many such things. Therefore, be specific in your goal.


Proper planning is essential to achieve a goal. Write it down and map out the specific steps you will need to take in order to achieve your goal.

Set a timetable

Sketch out a timetable that you can follow. However, it is advisable to change the routine when boredom sets in. Changing timetables will give you more energy and a new outlook to start afresh with a positive mind. Moreover, changing timetables also lets you find your previous faults and shows you a better and right way.

Set Deadlines

It is also necessary to set deadlines as it helps you to achieve the goal within a certain time. Otherwise, you leave it for long and divert midway. Some people set goals that are not achievable. Avoid such mistakes as trying to achieve these types of goals are only a waste of time and confidence.

Baby Steps

It is wise if you have a huge goal to achieve in life, to break it up into several small achievable steps. These small steps are your everyday goals, which only if you achieve can bring you the huge achievement that you set in your life. It is all about strategic planning and management.

Accomplish small goals every day. To begin with, note down these small goals on a notepad, look, and visualize it every day, Think of innovative ways on how you can achieve these small goals. Take the necessary action and focus on the work you are doing. Be optimistic about the results. If you do these, then you are on the right path.

Measure progress

Ensure that you have the ability to measure the progress you make in your everyday goals. This is very important, because if you cannot measure your progress, then you cannot update your goals and lose track midway.


Think of innovative ideas to make your goal achievement process easier. Innovative methods will also give you the energy to complete tasks.


You have to be an optimistic person to achieve your goal. You have to hope for the positive and keep faith in you. If you have any doubts, write them down in a piece of paper and try to come to a solution. If you cannot find the solution yourself, then take help of close ones or those who have expertise in the niche. Keep an optimistic towards your dreams. Optimism plays an important role in getting results. The more optimistic you are, the faster you are likely to reach your goals. An optimistic attitude motivates you to get the desired results and shows you the right way to success.

Motivate yourself

Motivate yourself. Sometimes, you may not get any motivation from others; therefore, you must know the strategy to motivate your own self in times of depression and frustration. Remind yourself often why you are striving towards your goal.

Spend at least fifteen minutes every day visualising your goals. This again, will help in motivation. However, make sure that no one disturbs you during this time.

Dedication and action

Be dedicated to the work you do. Dedication can bring a lot of accuracy to your work and make it perfect. Take action. Only if you set the goal without taking any action, it leads nowhere. Take the actions that will make you reach closer towards your goal. Think positively and take positive steps. However, before taking any step, analyse the situation once again as to whether that step is appropriate or not.

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The Most Common Mistake While Setting Goals

Often, people make some common mistakes while setting goals. These mistakes lead to not achieving the desired success and loss of all hope. Listed below are five very common mistakes that people make while setting goals.

Fuzzy goals

People often set fuzzy goals. For instance, I want to make a big bungalow. These types of goals are fuzzy as there is no definite idea to start and about the result. These types of goals only lead to obfuscation and unhappiness for not achieving success.

Unachievable deadlines

The second major mistake is setting deadlines that are hard to meet. Some people set very tight deadlines thinking to achieve success quickly. However, they do not realize that tight deadlines are hard to meet and you can easily commit a mistake due to the pressure of meeting deadlines.

Limiting yourself

The third major mistake is that people often set boundaries when trying to achieve goals. Limiting yourself does not allow you to grow in terms of experience and encouragement. Only stretching yourself over the boundaries can enrich you with the qualities necessary for the achievement of success.

No action plan

Last but not least, most people do not have a proper action plan to reach the goal. In other words, you cannot call a thing a goal unless you have a plan set. Then it is merely a dream. Moreover, you cannot expect to make a plan within ten minutes. It takes time, patience, hard work and detailed research to chalk out a plan in order to achieve a goal. In most cases, a goal remains a dream because people cannot make a well-detailed plan and execute it accurately. Executing it with integrity at the right time is important in the achievement of success.

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Types of goals

There are several different types of goals you can set.

Limiting Goals

Limiting goals are something that limits you to a thing. For example, if you want to cut down your intake of alcohol, then you limit yourself to one peg daily and ultimately leave drinking. This is how limiting goals work where you limit yourself to a certain thing.

Rate Goals

Rate goal is another type of goal a work done depends on time. For instance, writing one article per day and then increasing it to two, three, four and more with time maintaining consistency in writing. This is such a goal that you set and increase with over time.

Action Goals

Action goals are yet another type of goal that you can set to undertake a task. Generally, an action goal is a part of an achievement goal and paves the way to achievement goal.

Achievement Goals

This is when you strive to achieve something. This means different things to different people as our definitions of success vary.

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Reasons for Not Achieving Desired Results

Some people achieve their targets easily while others do not achieve their goals even if they try for many years. There may be a number of reasons for not achieving the desired results.


Procrastinating is one of the major reasons why people do not achieve the desired goals. It often happens that you dream of something, but never set into action to achieve your dreams. Alternatively, even if you chalk out a plan, you constantly push it back day after day giving some excuses.

Not having a plan

You do not achieve the goals set, as you do not have a foolproof plan. Even though it may seem perfect to you, but in reality, it is not. This is because when you chalk out the plan, you make it standing from your plan. You do not think of what is going to happen when you reach the goal. The plan is one-sided. When you work on the plan and move ahead, you have to update your plan constantly as your progress towards your goal.

Problems not solutions

You spend most of your time thinking about the problem and fearing about the problem. Instead of spending the time wondering, work out for a solution to the problem. Seek the help of others, if needed. However, do not let others pacify you in this time rather seek solutions from them.

Over complicating

When the slightest of things do not work in your favour, you over complicate everything. It pays to be calm during these times, only then things will start working in your favour again.

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Goal setting resources

  • Review your year workbook – A free workbook that helps you slay your goals and review your year
  • Slay your goals planner – this planner features 60+ pages including setting your intentions, choosing your number one goal, crushing your to-dos and more


Final Thoughts

This is the perfect time of year to start setting goals for a fresh start. Be methodical, plan and do something small each day towards your goal. In no time you will achieve success



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This is the perfect time of year to start setting goals for a fresh start. Be methodical, plan and do something small each day towards your goal. In no time you will achieve success. Read on to find all you need to know about setting goals

This is the perfect time of year to start setting goals for a fresh start. Be methodical, plan and do something small each day towards your goal. In no time you will achieve success. Read on to find all you need to know about setting goals

This is the perfect time of year to start setting goals for a fresh start. Be methodical, plan and do something small each day towards your goal. In no time you will achieve success. Read on to find all you need to know about setting goals


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