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You have navigated your way over to my blog. I’m so pleased, this is the reason for my website.

On the blog, you will hopefully find a wealth of information, stories, tips + tricks and some general musings. The aim of this blog is to raise awareness for mental health and removing the stigma often associated with it. We are aiming to live positively, challenging perceptions, raising awareness and removing the stigma often associated with mental health illnesses.

Creating a community

I want to create a positive community of people helping and supporting each other. Not just me telling you what to do and talking about myself the whole time! Featuring your stories, your tips, what helps you would be an honour. If you would like to take part. Please contact me.

I also have a Facebook Group that you are more than welcome to join. So far it is just me and my friend hangin’ out so it’s a little lonely. In the group, there will be daily threads to support each other, help each other and just generally to create a community of support. Once you are a member you can add anyone you feel would benefit until we are a healthy, thriving group.

On the blog (so far…)

As you take a stroll around the blog you will find categories such as:

More will be added as the blog grows so make sure you stick around. It’ll be epic. Pinky promise



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