The Super Mega Birthday List

A friend a few years ago came up with a “Super Mega Birthday List” which was essentially a to-do list to complete before your next birthday. How long your list will be will depend on how old you are turning. Since I am turning 33 next year my list is 33 items long, that’s a lot of things to tick off! I should have done it when I first heard about it then I wouldn’t have so many but I will attempt to tick off all 33 within the next 12 months. I will keep you all updated on my progress.

I wrote about being in my 30’s here. Trust me, it isn’t as bad as it seems!

So without further ado, I present to you 33 things to cross off before my 33rd birthday:

33 things to tick off

1. Finish my reading list

I have so many books on my reading list and I don’t make the time to read. I should though, I used to read every night in bed as a way to wind down but now I find myself playing on my phone and then I am too wired to sleep. Now I am going to turn my phone off when I get into bed and get out my book instead.

2. Go horseback riding

I used to have a horse when I was a teenager called Ugly, I didn’t name her so don’t get upset with me! I loved riding, every time I see a horse I find myself pining to go riding again so this is the year I fulfil that promise to myself.

3. Sing karaoke

I hate doing things out of my comfort zone, well I don’t really. I love the feeling when you have achieved something you didn’t think you had the balls to do so that is why I will be taking myself out of my comfort zone and unleashing my wonderfully out of tune enthusiastic singing voice for all to hear

4. Start my novel

Something that I have always wanted to do right from when I was in primary school was to write a novel, this is the year to start! I don’t care if I only get a page written – it will still be more than any other year. My main failing is that I have so many ideas I don’t know where to start, so even having a page written will be a huge achievement for me as I would have finally decided on my plot.

5. Be able to run 10k’s

I used to run until I broke my ankle playing roller derby (a story for another time) and ever since then I have fallen off the fitness waggon. I have no excuses now, it has been a good couple of years, enough time to heal and for the excuses to wear thin

6. Get a proper bra fitting done

I’ve never done this and just buy any bra that looks about right which is not very adult of me. I probably need to start doing more grown-up things

7. Quit smoking

For obvious reasons, this one made my list. It is something that I struggle with though. I use smoking as an excuse to exit social situations when I feel uncomfortable or anxious, I also use it as an excuse to get 5 minutes alone when I am feeling overwhelmed with people around me all the time.

8. Write and send a handwritten letter

It’s nice to receive snail mail and it’s even nicer when it is a handwritten letter from someone you care about. Especially when it is a surprise.

9. Print out my photos and put them in albums

I have so many photos of so many trips and memories. It would be lovely to be able to put them all in photo albums to pull out and browse through when the fancy took. Again, I used to be really good at printing photos every month and putting them in albums but the last few years I haven’t printed any.

10. Stumble across an unknown waterfall

Waterfalls are magical and wonderful, coming across one you didn’t know about when out and about exploring makes it seem as though you have stumbled across a secret nature has been keeping to herself.

11. Stay up all  night talking to someone

The best conversations are sometimes had while you are thick with sleep in the dead of the night when it seems like you are the only people awake under the blanket of darkness. You can learn so much about someone when there are no interruptions of TV, phones and other outside influences.

12. Get a professional massage

I’ve always wanted one but I’m too tight to spend the money on one. I ruined my body playing roller derby and even though I haven’t skated in over a year my body still clicks and creeks. A massage would be a lovely luxury.

13. Visit a museum in every new town I visit

What better way to learn about the history of a new town than visiting the local museum? I am curious by nature and love learning about new things and love visiting new places so this item kills two birds with one stone. Efficient.

14. Master making rocky road

Rocky road is a slice here in New Zealand. It is pretty much just marshmallows, raspberry liquorice (or cherries) and nuts coated in melted chocolate. But for some reason, this is the one slice I can’t make. I make all sorts of slices at work and they all turn out well but this simple slice eludes me.

15. Tell someone who inspires me that they inspire me and why

A few people inspire me, Mum and my friend Stacey are my main inspirations and I intend to tell them in person why they are incredible people. The world is filled with negativity, we could all use a bit of positivity in our lives.

16. Fly a kite

Something I have not done in years. If I can’t fly myself (I don’t have wings that I know about), this is a good second best. Flying a kite brings back pleasing memories of being carefree and young.

17. Finish all my unfinished cross stitches

I have so many unfinished cross stitches and many more patterns that I want to start but I am not letting myself until I have finished all my other ones. So far I have to finish a Noah’s Ark for my unborn nephew, a London Bus, a grayscale boy and girl and an old school house. Easy enough huh?

18. Have a kiss in the rain

It’ll be just like in the movies.

19. Learn all the lyrics to Rap God

Rap God has a record for most words rapped per second and as I like a good challenge what better challenge than busting out this song to unwitting companions?

20. Get up early enough to see the sunrise

I have seen the sun rise before but not for a few years, there’s something magical about seeing the sun touch the Earth for the first time in a new day filled with possibilities.

21. Write in my journal every day

This is a goal I set myself every few weeks, I write for a couple of days with gusto but invariably give up after a day or two with the excuse of “too tired”, “not enough time”, “nothing to write” so no more excuses! There is always time in every day if you make it a priority.

22. Take all unwanted clothes to a charity shop

I have far too many clothes I never wear so it is time to declutter and make space in my drawers for new clothes that I will probably never wear.

23. Find and stick with an exercise routine

Like journaling, this is something I start off with gusto and after about three weeks it dies out. I get bored incredibly easily so I need to find something that isn’t always the same thing every day. I used to do pilates so I may have to mix that up with something else as well

24. Have a fire on the beach and roast marshmallows

Obviously at night. With blankets.

25. Have a backwards dinner

Dessert first, then a main, then a starter last. Sometimes it’s fun to do something a little bit different and who doesn’t like dessert first?

26. Go out for a fancy dinner

Kind of the opposite of #25, I’ve never really gone out for a fancy meal before. Getting all dressed up and feeling fancy does sound like an incredible amount of fun. Plus I could pretend to be a proper grown up for the evening.

27. Go to a local gig or festival

I had never been to a gig until I went overseas and now I have a wee taste for it. I have never been to a gig or festival in New Zealand before so time to experience one in my homeland.

28. Bake bread from scratch

Fresh bread is my favourite food, we used to make bread with my Oma when we were younger and I still remember the smell wafting through the house and constantly checking on the dough to see how much it had risen. Eating it straight from the oven, warm with melted butter is the best-tasting food in the world

29. Climb a mountain

Not Everest. But another mountain will do, I would love it if it were somewhere far away but close to home will do. New Zealand does have its fair share of mountains to choose from to climb. If you have seen Lord of The Rings you’ll know.

30. Gamble at a casino

I’ve never done this but always wanted to. Just once though. I am too tight with money to do it more than once. It’s the Dutch side of me.

31. Win a competition

Any competition. Preferably one for a trip around the world but I’ll settle for less. I’ve only ever won one competition before and that was for two Hairy McLeary books. Needless to say, I was very excited. I texted my partner at the time immediately after they turned up in the mail sharing my good fortune. He was not nearly as enthusiastic as I had hoped he would be.

32. Go camping

We used to go camping every summer when we were younger and they are some of my favourite memories but it is something I don’t do as often anymore.  This is the year to rectify that.

33. Have a girls weekend

Going away with girlfriends for wine and laughter is just what the Dr has ordered. Well, not the Dr but me. I am practically a Dr though. Sitting around gossiping with close friends, not having a set plan other than to have a good time sounds like the perfect weekend.

One for luck 34. Stargaze in the middle of nowhere

Again not something I’ve done in a long time. We live in the middle of nowhere with very little light pollution but it’s not the same as away from all civilisation where you can’t just pop back inside and sit in front of the telly

Tell me in the comments what’s on your to-do list. What do you want to achieve before your next birthday?



33 things to tick off before i turn 33
33 things to tick off before I turn 33 - the super mega birthday list

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