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One of the things I am most proud about on this website is the ability for everyone to share their story.
Everyone experiences mental illnesses differently so a wide range of viewpoints are featured, from those that live with mental illnesses to those that live with someone with mental illness. No story is too small and each story makes a difference.

Mental Health

This section is dedicated to mental health, raising awareness and removing the stigma often associated with mental health illnesses.

Navigating 30

Turning 30 doesn't have to be so bad. It's a great time of life where you are old enough to have had a few life lesson but still young enough to make more


Some good ole fashioned self-improvement and self-care tips. From stress to gratitude to journalling and all bits in between.

Post of the

Margaret from Anxiety Free World  writes about anxiety, self-care, living with anxiety, success stories and many other topics surrounding anxiety. She is open, honest and real. Margaret is an English major who lives with anxiety. She has learned to manage her anxiety and wants to share tips and tricks with her readers and for them to not feel so alone.  She wants to remind everyone that anxiety is not your fault.